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11851 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California 91604, US

Camera & Equipment Repair

We are one of the few places left in the San Fernando Valley that repairs most, if not all, brands of cameras and equipment.

Brands include: Canon, Nikon, Minolta/Sony, Pentax, Bell & Howell, Hasselblad, Leica, Yashica, Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus and many others.

Equipment we repair includes cameras (Digital or Film, Medium format, 35mm, et al), projectors, flashes, lenses, VHS and Beta Machines and Camcorders. (If you don’t think your equipment belongs in those categories, call us and we can tell you over the phone if we can repair it!)

The repair process:
Equipment must be dropped off and will be written up with a repair tag that includes the equipment’s serial numbers (the customer will get a copy). From there we will have our technician quote an estimate for the repair, this can take seven to ten days.

Once we have the estimate, we will contact the customer. From there it can be refused or accepted based on the estimate. If the repair is refused, it can take up to several days to get the equipment put back together, but once it comes in, we will contact the customer.

When the repair is accepted, we will OK the repair with our technician. Depending on the availability of the parts needed, the equipment will be repaired and ready in about a week to ten days on average. Once again, we will contact the customer when the equipment comes in.

There is a diagnostic fee of $20, that will go towards the repair cost if approved.